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What Are the Advantages of IPS TFT LCD Screen?

IPS TFT LCD screen is also known as full-view screen, IPS screen is called In Plane Switching, which means twisting in the same plane. In terms of screen structure, IPS technology to optimize the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules, take the horizontal arrangement, when encountering external pressure, the molecular structure slightly sunken, but the overall molecules are still horizontal. IPS TFT liquid crystal display poles are on the same surface, unlike other LCD panels, the electrodes are on the upper and lower sides, three-dimensional arrangement.

1. IPS TFT LCD screen response speed, viewing angle is large

IPS screen image motion track is more delicate and clear, solving the problem of image dragging and jittering. With the rotation of liquid crystal molecules in the plane, the IPS screen has a wider viewing angle, the viewer can clearly see the picture from any angle, the viewing angle of up to 178 degrees, meaning that from the front or side view, the picture display is as good.

2. IPS TFT LCD screen color accuracy, dynamic picture excellent

Because of the IPS screen color inversion, brightness conversion and other performance, you can see from any angle bright, saturated, natural high-quality picture. Relatively speaking, IPS panel consistency is better, better details, suitable for ultra-high definition display needs. IPS screen due to the use of horizontal conversion technology, greatly accelerated the speed of deflection of liquid crystal molecules to ensure the clarity of the picture, even when shaking can also have a superb performance, eliminating the traditional LCD screen in the external pressure and shaking when easy to blur the problem. IPS TFT LCD screen can excel in the performance of dynamic high-definition images, especially suitable for dynamic motion video display, no residual images and trailing, is the ideal carrier of dynamic video.

3. IPS TFT LCD screen environmental protection and energy saving, the panel is thinner

IPS screen liquid crystal molecules are horizontally arranged, reducing the thickness of the liquid crystal layer, thereby increasing the light transmission of the LCD screen, reducing the power of the backlight, thus achieving the effect of energy saving, making the display panel thinner and more energy efficient. Generally speaking, IPS TFT LCD screen life in more than 70,000 hours.

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