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Advantages of AMOLED Module

1. AMOLED module display has a wide color gamut

Color gamut range simply means that the screen can display more colors, the industry standard has NTSC color gamut value, the benefit of wide color gamut is that the screen display color looks more diverse, can restore more real in the color, the more important meaning is that the contrast can be effectively improved, you can see closer to the shadows of the night.

2. AMOLED module display has a high contrast ratio

Compared with the traditional TFT screen, AMOLED module display black, is a thick pure black, while TFT compared to more like dark gray; AMOLED white is also pure white, so as to achieve a more transparent display effect.

3. AMOLED module display with ultra-thin design

AMOLED module display is thinner than LCD display. LCD display contains backlight, color filter, backlight module and liquid crystal material, while AMOLED module does not need these components because of its self-emitting body principle. Integrated touch technology also makes AMOLED module displays thinner and lighter.

4. AMOLED module display outdoor readability

It is not impossible to read maps and addresses in cell phones under bright light. The outdoor readability is proportional to the color X brightness, and the color of OLED is 1.7 times higher than LCD. AMOLED module display's good outdoor readability allows colors to be clearly rendered in bright sunlight, providing a better perspective for outdoor reading.

5. AMOLED module display consumes less energy

AMOLED module displays consume significantly less energy than traditional LCDs because each pixel of the AMOLED module display can be independently controlled, eliminating the need for a constant backlight. each pixel of the AMOLED module display can independently regulate its own brightness, which means that it does not need to emit 100% of the brightness, thus saving energy consumption of the device. In emergency situations, the phone can be used for up to 24 hours with the power-saving mode enabled down to 10% to avoid unnecessary pixel power consumption.

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