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POS LCD Display

Vending also called vending machine, vem. One vending is usually installed LCD display with a touch screen or keyboard. We only need to insert coins or display your payment code, then we can get the goods we need. Common automatic vending include beverage dispenser, food vending, beauty vending, and comprehensive vending.

POS is called point of sale, it is one kind of functional terminal, pos is made up of a mainboard, LCD screen, mainboard, keyboard, etc. Only need to insert a card or scan code, and we can finish the trade. Pos is used in supermarkets, convenience stores, airports, gas stations, drugstores, hotels, and other fields.

Pos Lcd Display


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  • Telecom and CommunicationTelecom and CommunicationOctober 11, 2022The application of LCD display in telecom and communication, mainly includes telephones, cellphones, laptops, desktops, tv, and so on.view
  • MedicalMedicalOctober 11, 2022Nowadays, we can find LCD displays on most medical devices too, from small medical devices (like infrared thermometers, sphygmomanometers, oximeters, blood glucose meters, etc.)view
  • Smart HomeSmart HomeOctober 11, 2022We can see appliances related to LCD displays after we open our eyes every day. Especially smart home appliances, rice cookers, smart switches, light adjustments, smoke detectors, dishwashers, air conditioners, induction cookers, hood fans, refrigerators, kitchen aid, microwave, coffee grinder, bread maker, juicers, face recognition, entrance guard and so on.view
  • IndustrialIndustrialOctober 11, 2022Industrial LCD display usually requires strict environmental factors, high/low temperature, humidity and sand/dust, anti-knock, stable.view
  • Handheld DevicesHandheld DevicesOctober 11, 2022Handheld devices are also called mobile devices, pockets, etc. It is a small size device, usually, come with a small LCD display, and matches with a touch screen or little keyboard.view
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