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Bar TFT LCD Display

Bar TFT LCD Display

Size: 0.96", 3.46", 3.99", 6.86", 7.84", 12.3"

Resolution: 80*160 to 1920*720

View angle: IPS 


Touch type: Capacitive or resistive

Size: 0.96", 3.46", 3.99", 6.86", 7.84", 12.3"

Resolution: 80*160 to 1920*720

View angle: IPS 


Touch type: Capacitive or resistive

In the world of display technology, the stretched bar LCD display has emerged as a unique and versatile solution. Also known as a bar LCD module or bar type display, this innovative screen format offers a distinct aspect ratio that is longer and narrower compared to traditional displays, making it ideal for applications where space is limited or unconventional aspect ratios are desired.

These bar-type LCD displays typically incorporate advanced LCD technologies to deliver high-quality images with vibrant colors, sharp contrast, and wide viewing angles. Some bar-type LCD displays also feature touch functionality, enabling interactive engagement and user-friendly interfaces for enhanced user experiences.

Zhunyi Technology bar type TFT LCD display include 0.96",3.46", 3.99",5.45",6.86", 7.84", 9", 12.3". Zhunyi support to customize special bar LCD display too. Resolution from 80x160 to 1920x720. Popular interface included SPI, MIPI, LVDS and SPI+RGB. All bar LCD display support capacitive and resistive touch panel.

Nowadays, bar LCD panel screens are widely used in vehicle dashcam, dashboard, navigation, education, advertising, industry and so on.

Bar LCD Module Types

Size(inch)ResolutionModel No.Outline Dimension(mm)Active Area(mm)View AngleInterfaceLuminance(nits)Touch ScreenOP(℃)
3.99400*960Z3990142.9*102.08*2.2539. 18*94.032IPSSPI+RGB350support-20℃~70℃
7.0280*1424 Z7011538.2*181.47*3.4533.6*170.88IPSRGB400support-20℃~70℃

Stretched Bar LCD Display Advantages

Stretched bar LCD displays offer several advantages over traditional square or rectangular displays. Here are some key advantages of using a stretched bar LCD display:

  • Space Optimization: The elongated shape of a bar LCD display allows for efficient space utilization in applications where horizontal or narrow areas need to be utilized effectively. These Bar LCD modules are particularly useful in environments with limited space, such as transportation vehicles, elevators, or retail shelves. By fitting seamlessly into narrow or unconventional spaces, they provide an optimal solution for displaying information without compromising on functionality.

  • Enhanced Visual Impact: The unique aspect ratio of a stretched bar LCD display creates a visually striking and attention-grabbing effect. Bar LCD screen offers a fresh and innovative way to present content, making it more engaging for viewers. The elongated format allows for the display of long messages, dynamic content, or captivating visuals, making it particularly effective for digital signage, advertising, or interactive presentations.

  • Creative Flexibility: Bar LCD displays provide creative freedom when it comes to content design. With the elongated canvas, designers can experiment with different layouts and arrangements to create visually appealing displays. The extended width enables the incorporation of multiple information segments or the combination of text, graphics, and multimedia elements to convey information effectively. This flexibility makes bar-type displays suitable for displaying real-time information, menus, wayfinding maps, product catalogs, and more.

  • Wide Viewing Angles: Stretched bar LCD displays are designed to offer wide viewing angles, ensuring that the displayed content is easily visible from different perspectives. This makes them suitable for public environments where viewers may be positioned at various angles relative to the display, such as in transportation terminals or retail settings. Wide viewing angles ensure that the information remains clear and legible, regardless of the viewer's position.

  • Touch Functionality (optional): Many bar-type LCD displays also incorporate touch functionality, allowing for interactive experiences. Touch-enabled bar displays enable users to directly interact with the content, offering a more intuitive and engaging user interface. This feature is particularly useful in applications such as interactive kiosks, self-service terminals, or interactive product showcases.

In summary, stretched bar LCD displays provide space optimization, enhanced visual impact, creative flexibility, wide viewing angles, and optional touch functionality. These advantages make them a preferred choice in various industries for applications where narrow or unconventional display areas need to be utilized effectively while delivering captivating and engaging content to viewers.

Bar Type TFT LCD Display Gallery

bar type tft lcd
bar type tft
stretched bar lcd display

Stretched Bar LCD Display Video

Why Choose Zhunyi As Your Bar LCD Display Supplier?

High Quality

Assess the quality of the Bar LCD module offered by Zhunyi. Look for Bar LCD displays that have high resolution, good color reproduction, wide viewing angles, and long-term reliability. 

Customization Capabilities

If you have unique or specialized requirements, Zhunyi can offer customization options for bar-type displays. This can include adapting the design, interface, or functionality to align with your specific needs.

Competitive Price

Zhunyi's pricing is competitive compared to other suppliers in the market. Our efficient manufacturing processes or economies of scale could allow them to offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Expertise and Experience

Zhunyi has extensive expertise and experience in the manufacturing of bar-type LCD displays. The knowledge of the industry and technology trends could be beneficial in providing guidance and recommendations for your display needs.

Timely Delivery

Zhunyi has a reputation for delivering orders on time and meeting deadlines. This reliability can be crucial for businesses that rely on timely product availability to meet their production schedules.

Long-Term Partnership

Choosing Zhunyi as a supplier may be advantageous if you are looking for a long-term partnership. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and willingness to work closely with you can foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

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