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Application of LCD Touch Screen in Campus Interactive Teaching Systems

Currently, with the rapid development of computer networks and display devices, LCD touch screen supplier provides more functional LCD touch screen. LCD touch screen is also widely used in education and teaching with its advantages of simplicity and ease of use. We only need to use the finger gently touch the large screen display image or text, or direct handwriting can make the teaching content easily.

Technology Overview

LCD touch screen is a kind of educational or conference auxiliary human-computer interaction equipment. Its hardware principle incorporates optical multi-touch technology, precise positioning technology, etc. It can be customized with multiple touch points according to the user's application needs, realizing multi-touch in large sizes. The multi-touch unit is suitable for recording, broadcasting, and live broadcasting, etc. LCD touch screen supports a variety of ways of media content input sources, including hard disk storage media resources and live video input and output.

Revolutionizing Teaching and Learning

With the support of the LCD touch screen teaching system, teaching methods have changed significantly. The system breaks the constraints of the traditional classroom and allows freer and more flexible communication between teachers and students. Teachers can easily call up a variety of teaching resources, such as courseware, video, audio, etc., and present them directly to students through the LCD touch screen. Students can participate in classroom discussions, answer questions, marking, and other operations through the touch screen, making learning more intuitive and vivid.

LCD Touch Screen Features

  • LCD touch screen can be retrofitted with high-strength tempered glass, making it wear-resistant, waterproof, dustproof, easy to maintain, long life, affordable, and does not affect the appearance of the display and display effect.

  • Installation of LCD touch screen has less construction and short construction period. It utilizes an integrated intelligent touch screen and Bluetooth wireless PA system, which does not require rewiring and does not damage the original classroom layout.

  • LCD touch screen has high sensitivity, good stability, and resistance to light interference. It is not only free to contract and enlarge the page, push any object in the screen, even adjust the image at will.

LCD touch screen teaching machine is a large-size e-learning device specialized in interactive teaching and learning. Students can deepen their impression with music and images, and experience the fun of teaching at the same time, making classroom teaching more vivid. Zhunyi is a professional LCD touch screen supplier, if you are interested in it, please contact us.

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