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Understanding OLED Module

1. OLED module introduction

OLED module is composed of OLED display + PCB + iron frame, OLED display is an electromechanically excited light diode is considered as the next generation of flat panel display emerging application technology due to its excellent features such as self-luminous, no backlight, high contrast ratio, thin thickness, wide viewing angle, fast response time, can be used for flex panel, wide temperature range, simple structure and process.

2. OLED module display light-emitting principle

Organic light-emitting display technology consists of a very thin coating of organic materials and a glass substrate. The color of the OLED module display depends on the material of the organic light-emitting layer, so manufacturers can change the material of the light-emitting layer and get the desired color. Active array OLED displays have a built-in electronic circuit system so that each pixel is independently driven by a corresponding circuit. The technology provides the best way to view photos and videos and imposes fewer restrictions on the design of the camera.

3. OLED module features

OLED module display aspects: active light-emitting, large viewing angle range; fast response time, image stability; high brightness, rich color, high resolution.

OLED module working conditions: low driving voltage, low energy consumption, can be matched with solar cells, integrated circuits, etc.

OLED module is widely adaptable: the use of glass substrates can achieve large-area flat panel display; such as the use of flexible materials as substrates, can be made into foldable displays. As OLED is an all-solid-state, non-vacuum device, with shock resistance, low temperature resistance (-40 ℃) and other characteristics, in the military also has a very important application, such as used as a tank, aircraft and other modern weapons display terminal.

The advantage of OLED modules over LCD displays is that they are easy to install, and the applications are mainly in industrial sites, military industries, geological exploration, petroleum and coal exploration, etc.

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