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Suggestion for Using Capacitive Touch Sceen

Compared to resistive touchscreens, capacitive touchscreens are more accurate and easier to support multi-touch. But good things are naturally more expensive, so use and maintenance have also become problems. Here are 12 tips for using capacitive touchscreens.

1. The capacitive touch screen does not need pressure to generate signals, just touch it lightly.

2. Unlike resistive touch screens, which require regular calibration, capacitive touch screens only need to be calibrated once or not at all after production.

3. Do not use corrosive organic solvents to wipe the surface of the touch screen film, such as industrial alcohol.

4. The touch screen is made of glass, and the edge of the glass is very sharp. Wear gloves/finger cots when assembling.

5. The touch screen is fragile glass. Do not apply strong impact to the touch screen during assembly.

6. Avoid picking up the wire directly and picking up the touch screen, and avoid pulling the wire part.

7. The part of the outgoing steel wire reinforced plate cannot be bent.

8. No part of the wire is allowed to fold in half.

9. When assembling, the wire must be inserted horizontally, and cannot be inserted in half at the root of the reinforcing plate.

10. When picking and placing products, it is necessary to operate on a single chip and handle with care to avoid products colliding with each other and scratching the surface of the product.

11. When cleaning the surface of the product, please wipe it with a soft cloth (deerskin) soaked in petroleum ether.

12. The film surface of the touch screen is the touch surface, that is, the front of the product; the glass surface is the non-touch surface, that is, the back of the product.

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